Lid Seal Adhesives

With the higher functionality of flip chip packaging comes higher processing and operating temperatures that can damage your sensitive electronic products.

Dow’s portfolio of silicone lid seal adhesives can help manage heat to promote more reliable, long-term performance. Our products and expertise advanced packaging for early flip chips and larger die sizes, and we continue to help drive broader adoption of these cutting-edge technologies today.

Our high-purity lid seal adhesives meet the demanding criteria of IC packaging, targeting computer, handheld electronics and automotive applications. Offering excellent primerless adhesion to a wide variety of substrate materials and components, they perform reliably at temperatures in excess of 260°C. That means they can withstand the high processing temperatures associated with lead-free BGA attach and moisture sensitivity level testing applications.

Available in a variety of product forms, Dow’s family of lid seal adhesives comes in thermally conductive and thermally insulating grades to meet a wide range of customer needs.

  • Thermally conductive lid seal adhesives offer the option to dispense a single material solution that both seals the lid and transfers heat away from the back of the die. Select grades also provide enhanced thermal stability for repeated exposure to high processing temperatures, low voiding for more reliable heat transfer, or fast cure for accelerated processing.
  • Thermally insulating lid seal adhesives from Dow offer you a higher performing alternative to organic adhesives for protecting sensitive components against moisture and contamination. Applied around the edges of flip chip lids, their low modulus ensures outstanding stress relief as well as reliable bonds between materials with different coefficients of thermal expansion.