Thermal Interface Materials

Increasing functionality in electronics is generating higher heat. Dow’s thermally conductive silicones maintain consistently high thermal conductivity – even at higher temperatures where organic materials often degrade. Simultaneously, they deliver powerful adhesive and sealing capabilities for high value electronics.

Dow’s thermal management solutions for semiconductor assembly and packaging come in two categories:

  • Adhesives: Our thermally conductive silicone adhesives help expand design and manufacturing flexibility by delivering good wet-out and conformability to a variety of surfaces, reducing interfacial resistance and achieving extremely uniform bond line thicknesses. Compared to conventional organic adhesives, our materials also maintain low-stress bonds – even at high reflow temperatures – to help minimize warpage and ensure reliable adhesion.
  • Gels: Highly processable, thermally conductive silicone gels keep contamination and heat away from sensitive electronic components. In addition, the low modulus enables outstanding relief from thermal and mechanical stress. Select grades carry recognition from Underwriters Laboratories' UL 94V flammability classification.

Dow’s broad portfolio of thermally conductive adhesives and gels offer simple room-temperature processing, or heat-cure solutions, that deliver enhanced productivity for applications in semiconductor packaging, communications, consumer devices, power electronics and automotive markets.