Interra® HK04M


Interra® HK04M Embedded Capacitance Laminate

Interra® HK04M embedded capacitance laminate is used between the power and ground planes within a multilayer printed wiring board.

Interra® HK04M provides very low impedance at high frequency, power bus decoupling, and electromagnetic interference reduction. It replaces surface mount by-pass capacitors and their plated-through-holes, which improves the reliability, design flexibility, packaging size and cost of the PWB.

Interra® HK04M is an all-polyimide dielectric laminate that offers the best mechanical properties, reliability and capacitance stability on the market. It can be processed as a thin flexible circuit laminate through the develop/etch/strip process steps. The HK04M dielectric is flexible and can be imaged and etched to remove copper on both sides of the dielectric at the same time. 


  • High speed multilayer printed wiring boards
  • Servers, routers, telecom
  • Backpanels
  • Military and Aerospace PWBs
  • Graphics Processing Units (GPU)
  • PWB's with >4 SMT By-Pass Capacitors per square inch

Benefits of Embedded Capacitance

  • Cost reduction by reducing surface mount capacitors and their plated-through-holes
  • Reduced inductance for efficient low noise power delivery
  • Reduced board size and layer count
  • Improved circuit design
  • Improved PWB reliability and toughness
  • Higher processing yield

Features of Interra® HK04M

  • Modified polyimide core to handle thinner dielectric layer (12 μm and less)
  • Homogeneous, all-polyimide dielectric layer that will not delaminate during processing
  • High initiation and propagation tear strengths contribute to superior handling
  • Proven high reliability under extreme conditions
  • Excellent capacitance stability over range of frequencies, temperatures and voltages


  • Available with ½ oz (18 μm), 1 oz (35 μm) and 2 oz (70 μm) copper thicknesses in balanced and unbalanced constructions
  • Offered with IPC 4562 Grade 3 reverse treated electrodeposited copper. VLP and rolled annealed copper is available upon request
  • Available with ½ and 1 mil dielectric thicknesses. 1/3 mil (8 μm) thickness under development.


  • Certified to IPC 4821/1

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