Materials for Chemical Mechanical Planarization (CMP)


Materials for Chemical Mechanical Planarization (CMP)

A Wide Portfolio of Industry-Leading CMP Materials

DuPont is a global leader in polishing pads, slurries and application expertise for chemical mechanical planarization (CMP) serving the semiconductor chip manufacturing industry and other advanced substrate polishing applications. With decades of experience, DuPont offers a full range of polishing pads and slurries designed to meet the distinct performance needs of each CMP application and node. Every product incorporates specific design goals and fundamental science to achieve the required performance. Our advanced R&D capabilities, including statistical process control, automation, and product characterization and analysis, have led to significant advancements in materials innovation.

With application facilities close to our customers, we’ve been able to develop strong collaborative partnerships to accelerate product and process development, including CMP processes below 14 nm and planarization materials for 3D-IC technologies. Our strategic alliances and partnerships bring new CMP technologies to our customers at an accelerated pace while ensuring that the materials are best-suited to each customer’s specific process requirements.

  • Chemical mechanical planarization (or polishing) [CMP] is a critical step that is used multiple times in the semiconductor manufacturing process at each layer of the wafer to remove excess materials and create a smooth surface. This is done through the interaction of a pad and slurry on a polishing tool. Pads and slurries are consumables used in the CMP process, and should be selected based on needs for technical performance, process optimization, and/or cost-of-ownership.

  • DuPont's portfolio of polishing pads for CMP covers both conventional and next-generation manufacturing. Our newest technology, the Ikonic™ pad family, boasts our most advanced technology targeting multiple CMP applications and offering an ideal balance of performance and cost of ownership.

    Our Visionpad™ portfolio has also been designed for advanced processes, offering combinations of higher removal rate, improved planarization, and reduced defectivity. Our IC1000™ polishing pads, which have served as the industry standard for CMP polishing for many years, offer a balance of removal rate, planarization, and defectivity performance.

    Further enhancing our portfolio, we have a wide selection of pad features which go across our platforms to further meet the individual needs of customers.

  • DuPont specializes in formulating and manufacturing slurries for advanced CMP applications that require low defectivity, high removal rates, and specific selectivities for multiple film CMP polishes.

    Our newly developed Optiplane™ CMP slurries are a family of next-generation slurries for oxide, polysilicon, and front-end-of-line (FEOL) applications.

    Acuplane™ copper barrier slurries continue to be an industry-leading product for their tunable selectivity and robust performance.

    We also offer Klebosol® colloidal silica slurries with low defectivity and high removal rates for interlayer dielectric (ILD) applications.


Materials for CMP

  • CMP Pads

    Broad portfolio of CMP pads to meet the needs of any application.

    A breakthrough pad platform designed for advanced nodes

    The Optivision™ pad series for chemical mechanical planarization (CMP) is DuPont’s second generation soft pad that improves on the performance of Politex™ pads and is designed for improvements in cost of ownership.

    The Optivision™ Pro series of polishing pads for chemical mechanical planarization (CMP) is DuPont’s third-generation soft pad manufactured on a new platform that facilitates advanced polishing and is designed for improvements in cost of ownership.

    The Politex™ pad series for chemical mechanical planarization (CMP) is used for copper barrier, buffing and cleaning applications. Politex™ pads are the industry-standard soft pad.

    DuPont's Suba™ pads are chemical mechanical planarization (CMP) pads for stock, intermediate and final polish. They offer significant advantages in achieving consistent, reproducible results in polishing semiconductor wafers, glass and ceramics. The Suba™ family of polishing pad products is the industry standard for silicon stock removal polishing. They may also be used as a sub-pad.
  • CMP Slurries

    A range of offerings for chemical mechanical planarization (CMP) including Novaplane™, Optiplane™, Acuplane™ and Klebosol® slurries.


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