CMP Slurries


CMP Slurries

High-quality CMP slurries backed by the strength of DuPont

Since the earliest days of the chemical mechanical planarization (CMP) process, we’ve been providing CMP slurries to the semiconductor marketindustry. Today, the second largest volume supplier of CMP slurries in the world, and the largest provider of CMP consumables overall, DuPont is strategically positioned to provide solutions for increasingly complex CMP process requirements.

DuPont’s slurry offerings include a broad range of dielectric and metal polishing solutions.  Our ongoing investment in slurry technology includes a well-funded research and development program, an established and growing product portfolio, and a global footprint of application centers to engage directly to meet customers’ needs.

DuPont CMP Slurry Product Families

Novaplane™ Slurries

The Novaplane™ slurry platform is a family of tungsten (W) slurries with high removal rates and tunable selectivities that can provide superior topography performance, fulfill defect reduction requirements and offer low cost of ownership to meet customers’ needs in tungsten CMP polishing.

Optiplane™ Slurries

The Optiplane™ slurry platform is a family of advanced dielectric, nitride and polysilicon slurries with tunable removal rates and selectivities that can meet defect reduction requirements and tighter specifications at a competitive cost for manufacturing the next generation of advanced semiconductor devices.

Acuplane™ Advanced Barrier and TSV Slurries

The Acuplane™ slurry platform includes copper barrier and through silicon via (TSV) slurries with a tunable range of film selectivity. Acuplane ™ slurries demonstrates predictable performance in logic and memory integration schemes and is available in production volumes for both mature and advanced device nodes.

Klebosol® Slurries

DuPont is the exclusive provider of Klebosol® slurries. Klebosol® slurries are the most widely used water-glass colloidal silica products for CMP of semiconductor devices, interlayer dielectrics, shallow trench isolation, polysilicon, and post-metal buff. The silica particles are grown in a liquid medium and maintain excellent stability.

Other Slurry Materials
DuPont also offers Nanopure™ slurries for silicon wafer polishing and polysilicon CMP and the ILD™ 3000-5000 series of slurries for interlayer dielectrics.

DuPont CMP Slurry Applications

  • Front-end-of-line (FEOL) – Optiplane™ slurries are designed to help customers achieve complex FinFET and advanced front-end memory device integrations. DuPont achieves this by delivering broad, independent control of removal rate for oxides, nitrides and polysilicon materials.
  • Interlayer dielectrics (ILD) – Optiplane™ and Klebosol® slurries are designed to prioritize rate and planarization while minimizing surface defect density and process cost. DuPont’s portfolio includes long-established mature node products using Klebosol® abrasives as well as ultra-high purity abrasives for advanced node ILD needs.
  • Barrier metals – Acuplane™ slurries are designed to precisely remove barrier metals used on copper and cobalt metallization schemes. DuPont slurries are designed as platforms on which customers can request a range of selectivity options. These options enable customers to control final metal interconnect/line thickness, correct topography and control metal and dielectric surface quality.
  • Through silicon via (TSV) – DuPont has an industry-leading portfolio of Acuplane™ TSV slurry solutions for both front and backside polishing. These slurries accommodate silicon, oxide and metal removal needs as defined by customers’ specific device integration needs.
  • Advanced packaging materials – Building on DuPont’s TSV, silicon and polymer polishing expertise, our advanced packaging slurry portfolio extends to enable chip-on-wafer-on-substrate (CoWoS) and silicon interposer integration schemes, as well as polymer polishing capability.

® Klebosol is a registered trademark of Merck KGaA, Darmstadt, Germany or its affiliates.

  • The chemical mechanical planarization (CMP) process is used to planarize both die level and wafer level topography and also to remove overfill metal and metalloid materials that serve as interconnects in an integrated circuit. CMP pads and slurries are used together in combination on a polishing tool multiple times throughout the semiconductor fabrication process.

    Slurries are made up of a combination of key additives which enable precise polishing of the wafer surface. Slurries are designed to enable the planarization and material removal such that surface quality and material property integrity is maintained or improved. State-of-the-art polishing slurries enable topography or flatness to be maintained at or less than 300 angstroms across a 300mm wafer. Surface finish of materials, including corrosion sensitive metals, is maintained at the single-digit angstrom level.

  • DuPont also offers Nanopure™ slurries for silicon wafer polishing and the ILD™ 3000 -5000 series for interlayer dielectrics.


Materials for CMP

  • CMP Slurries

    A range of offerings for chemical mechanical planarization (CMP) including Novaplane™, Optiplane™, Acuplane™ and Klebosol® slurries.

  • CMP Pads

    Broad portfolio of CMP pads to meet the needs of any application.

    The IC1000™ series of pads for chemical mechanical planarization (CMP) is the industry standard.

    A breakthrough pad platform designed for advanced nodes

    The Optivision™ pad series for chemical mechanical planarization (CMP) is DuPont’s second generation soft pad that improves on the performance of Politex™ pads and is designed for improvements in cost of ownership.

    The Optivision™ Pro series of polishing pads for chemical mechanical planarization (CMP) is DuPont’s third-generation soft pad manufactured on a new platform that facilitates advanced polishing and is designed for improvements in cost of ownership.

    The Politex™ pad series for chemical mechanical planarization (CMP) is used for copper barrier, buffing and cleaning applications. Politex™ pads are the industry-standard soft pad.

    DuPont's Suba™ pads are chemical mechanical planarization (CMP) pads for stock, intermediate and final polish. They offer significant advantages in achieving consistent, reproducible results in polishing semiconductor wafers, glass and ceramics. The Suba™ family of polishing pad products is the industry standard for silicon stock removal polishing. They may also be used as a sub-pad.

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