Lithography Materials and Services

Ancillary Lithography Materials


Enhancement Chemistries to Support a Total Lithography Solution

DuPont’s roots run deep in its production-proven line of ancillary lithography products. From organic and inorganic developers to a full suite of removers, strippers, and edge-bead solvents and cleaning products, our formulations stand the test of time and provide customers with a complete solution across the spectrum of lithography processes.

DuPont’s global manufacturing and support footprint make these low-cost solutions easily accessible.  

  • Our developers are designed to be application-specific and to suit customer preferences.Choose from our metal-ion bearing, organic and metal ion-free inorganic developers that come in a variety of formulations including:

    • TMAH-based
    • Non-TMAH
    • Surfactant-aided
    • Sodium-based
    • Low-foaming
    • KoH-based
    • Pre-blended formulations provide ease-of-use and added safety benefits
    • Also available in concentrated forms for cost savings
  • Filtered and processed to ensure the highest purity solvents, our removers and strippers create clean lines prior to photoresist deposition. This results in low defects, even at advanced technology nodes.

    • Bulk removers are available for immersion or batch spray
    • Post-etch residue removers are available for immersion, batch spray, or single wafer processing

    DuPont offers a complete line of supporting chemistries formulated as companions to our photoresists, to cover multiple facets for different processing conditions. These include:

    • Fluorine-based post-etch residue remover
    • FSC-M protective wafer coat for improved post-strip handling
    • Proprietary lift-off layer process for trench metallization without CMP
    • Hypersol™ family for RRC or line cleaning

Lithography Materials and Services

  • Ancillary Lithography Materials

    Ancillary Lithography Materials

    DuPont’s roots run deep in its production-proven line of ancillary lithography products. From developers, removers, and other enhancement chemistries, we support a total lithography solution.

  • Advanced Overcoats

    Advanced Overcoats

    Used in conjunction with photoresists, DuPont’s advanced overcoat materials are designed to prevent defects and improve the lithography process window, enabling finer feature patterns.

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  • Anti-Reflectants & Functional Sublayers

    Anti-Reflectants & Functional Sublayers

    Anti-reflective coatings and sublayers boost the effectiveness of lithography by widening and improving the process and reflectivity windows.

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    An organic, thermally cross-linking BARC for 248 nm photoresists

    An organic bottom anti-reflectant coating (oBARC) for immersion lithography

    An organic gap filling material for extremely narrow trenches

    An organic, thermally cross-linking bottom anti-reflectant for 248 nm (KrF) photoresist

    A family of cross-linkable BARCs that can etch 30% faster than photoresists
  • Photoresists


    DuPont’s robust, production-proven photoresist product line offers materials options that meet the requirements across generations of lithography processes.

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    Positive tone ArF (193 nm) dry photoresists optimized for trench and line/space applications

    Positive tone 193 nm immersion resists with an excellent process window, CD uniformity and low defectivity

    Positive tone 193 nm implant resists with good profile through pitch and excellent substrate compatibility
  • Electronic Grade Polymers | DuPont Electronic Solutions

    Electronic Grade Polymers | DuPont Electronic Solutions

    DUV and 193nm photoresist performance begins with the polymer, and DuPont electronic grade polymers continue to improve upon existing techniques for polymer manufacture, isolation, and evaluation.

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  • Metrology & Imaging Services

    Metrology & Imaging Services

    We offer services such as defect testing or patterning wafers

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