Advanced Overcoats

Supporting Today’s Critical Dimensions in Lithography

DuPont’s state-of-the-art advanced overcoat products decrease the occurrence of defects before or after wafer patterning. Our unique formulations provide you with new solutions for today’s patterning challenges, enabling you to reach critical dimensions that can’t be achieved through conventional lithography processes alone. Scaling to advanced nodes without extreme ultra violet (EUV) lithography is now possible.

DuPont’s advanced overcoat product lines for lithography include:

  • Topcoats: Designed for positive tone photoresists, our positive tone development topcoats increase hydrophobicity of the photoresist surface, decreasing defects.

  • NTO™ Overcoats: Intended for yield enhancement, our negative tone, spin-on formulations create a uniform surface across multiple resists with different surface properties. These materials allow for multiple scanner adjustments to be made as if it were a single resist. NTO Overcoats feature high hydrophobicity and achieve a high contact angle.

  • CTO™ Overcoats: These spin-on alternatives to plasma-etch processes are a low-cost way to trim critical dimensions by reducing bridging defects that form at the top of the resist. CTO Overcoats reduce scum in darkfield features and can be used to clean difficult-to-remove resist from isolated trenches.

  • Product families:
    • NTO™ 5000 Overcoat
    • CTO™ 1150 Overcoat
    • CTO™ 125 Overcoat
  • Advanced overcoats are materials intended for use in conjunction with photoresists, either before or after the photolithography step. They are designed to prevent defects and improve the lithography process window.  

    • Coating an NTO™ Overcoat on top of photoresist before patterning creates a hydrophobic surface that prevents water droplets from forming during immersion lithography processes
    • As an alternative to EUV lithography, CTO™ Overcoat can be applied after ArF lithography to reduce the amount of remaining photoresist and shrink the patterning lines

Lithography Materials and Services

  • Advanced Overcoats

    Advanced Overcoats

    Used in conjunction with photoresists, DuPont’s advanced overcoat materials are designed to prevent defects and improve the lithography process window, enabling finer feature patterns.

  • Photoresists


    DuPont’s robust, production-proven photoresist product line offers materials options that meet the requirements across generations of lithography processes.

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    Positive tone ArF (193 nm) dry photoresists optimized for trench and line/space applications

    Positive tone 193 nm immersion resists with an excellent process window, CD uniformity and low defectivity

    Positive tone 193 nm implant resists with good profile through pitch and excellent substrate compatibility
  • Anti-Reflectants & Functional Sublayers

    Anti-Reflectants & Functional Sublayers

    Anti-reflective coatings and sublayers boost the effectiveness of lithography by widening and improving the process and reflectivity windows.

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    An organic, thermally cross-linking BARC for 248 nm photoresists

    An organic bottom anti-reflectant coating (oBARC) for immersion lithography

    An organic gap filling material for extremely narrow trenches

    An organic, thermally cross-linking bottom anti-reflectant for 248 nm (KrF) photoresist

    A family of cross-linkable BARCs that can etch 30% faster than photoresists
  • Ancillary Lithography Materials

    Ancillary Lithography Materials

    DuPont’s roots run deep in its production-proven line of ancillary lithography products. From developers, removers, and other enhancement chemistries, we support a total lithography solution.

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  • Electronic Grade Polymers | DuPont Electronic Solutions

    Electronic Grade Polymers | DuPont Electronic Solutions

    DUV and 193nm photoresist performance begins with the polymer, and DuPont electronic grade polymers continue to improve upon existing techniques for polymer manufacture, isolation, and evaluation.

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  • Metrology & Imaging Services

    Metrology & Imaging Services

    We offer services such as defect testing or patterning wafers

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