Flexible Circuits


Metallization for Flexible Circuits

Enabling high-density flexible boards

DuPont’s longstanding expertise in electroless copper plating is an excellent match for the demands of flexible and rigid-flex circuits built with polyimide. As more applications migrate to flexible boards, DuPont is committed to providing solutions that will enable high performance in any design configuration. Our highly conductive copper metallization is compatible with roll-to-roll processing and low-stress for long-term durability.


Choose DuPont as your materials solutions partner to provide:

  • Cost-effective copper plating
  • Balanced pH that is suitable for chemically-sensitive polyimide substrates
  • Multiple plating options tailored to your specific application
  • Flexible circuits pose unique challenges for metallization. The tight bending radii present in many design configurations require flexible metal layers with high electrical conductivity. Copper can be an ideal material when deposited in a manner that is compatible with the flexible circuit manufacturing process, which is often done on roll-to-roll equipment.


Metallization Materials for PCBs


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