Multi-Layered Boards


Metallization for Multi-layer Boards

Enabling high-performance rigid boards

DuPont’s metallization and imaging products act as key enabling technologies for the high-end multi-layer PCBs that reside in computers, smartphones, and automobiles. As you increase layer count, you can’t afford to compromise reliability. We offer a variety of products that will allow your products to perform their best. Materials include:

  • Desmearing materials to swell the dielectric for more efficient and effective etching
  • Stable electroless copper to ensure enhanced coverage for through-hole plating
  • DC plating of electrolytic copper to uniformly fill vias in high-layer-count boards

Choose DuPont as your materials solutions partner to:

  • Enhance the reliability of your high-layer-count boards
  • Create easy-to-use solutions that streamline the PCB metallization process
  • Find the right combination of materials optimized for your application
  • The number of layers in PCBs has increased to the point where etching and depositing metal can be a performance-limiting step. Holes are narrower in diameter and deeper than ever before, making via preparation, coating, and filling critical. High-speed, high-frequency applications are especially sensitive. Metallization needs to be tailored to the dielectric material and the board geometry to ensure reliable performance of HAR boards with small feature sizes.


Metallization Materials for PCBs


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