DesaliTec™ CCRO High Efficiency Smart Reverse Osmosis Systems

Leading the way to a new era of RO systems.


Pushing the limits on performance while maintaining your peace of mind

RO is our passion. We know its strengths. We also know its limitations. With the CCRO process and software, we can finally unleash its full power, making your system…


Water and operating conditions inevitably change over time. CCRO autonomously adjusts to a wide range of conditions, eliminating the need for expertise and constant oversite and making RO easier to operate.


CCROs inherent fouling and scaling resilience cuts maintenance in half and dramatically reduces downtime.


50%-90% less water waste, lower energy consumptions, and reduced maintenance deliver rapid paybacks, often within months.

  1. Municipal
  2. Food and Beverage
  3. Consumer Packaged Goods
  4. Power
  5. Refinery/Petrochemical
  6. Automotive
  7. Mining
  1. Process Water
  2. Pure Water Supply
  3. Wastewater Reuse
  4. Ingredient Water
  5. Boiler & Cooling Tower Make Up
  6. Brackish Water Desalination

Water is always changing – CCRO embraces these changes, turning them from challenges into opportunities

Designing a 95% recovery RO requires considerable expertise - operating it in practice is often not feasible

RO systems are typically designed for specific conditions, but most of them actually deal with variations in temperature, feed concentration, consumption flow rates,  and fouling and scaling conditions. Add to these that experienced operators turn over, pre-treatment can fail, and water treatment chemistry may change, setting up a nearly impossible condition for a steady state design to consider. Closed Circuit Reverse Osmosis is inherently designed to embrace these changes. With its flexible independent control over recovery, crossflow and flux, and its data-driven intelligence, CCRO systems can operate from 42% to 98% recovery on a wide variety of water sources and applications. 

A CCRO system, which will take minutes to design, would autonomously adjust itself to changing conditions, automatically maximizing the recovery in a given situation without sacrificing reliability and doing this with little to no manual oversight or expertise.

We don’t know what the future holds, but with CCRO we don’t have to worry – CCRO is designed to automatically adapt and take advantage of the opportunities that the future brings.

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