Reliable ultrapure water for critical life sciences applications

Water is a key ingredient of many pharmaceutical and healthcare products. From sterile water for formulation of injectable drugs, to dialysate water for renal dialysis, to high purity water for analytical and drug discovery laboratory studies, reverse osmosis membrane technology is crucial for making dependable, ultrapure water that is so essential to patient success.

FilmTec™ elements are renowned for their high quality and uniformity in the industry, and can assist water system designers in meeting the rigorous water requirements for hemodialysis systems, peritoneal dialysis, WFI, and laboratory water.

DuPont has a broad product portfolio, world-class research and development (R&D) capabilities, and a proven track record of manufacturing excellence. With decades of experience in the life sciences and pharmaceutical industry, DuPont is uniquely positioned to meet the unique water needs of the pharmaceutical and healthcare industry.


Explore medical grade water applications



Dialysis machines require safe, ultrapure water to run hemodialysis and peritoneal therapy. Reverse osmosis FilmTec™ elements help dialysis OEMs produce reliable, high purity water. 

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Laboratory Water

We provide reverse osmosis FilmTec™ elements that help OEMs make ultrapure water for their lab water systems.

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Water for Injection (WFI)

We offer efficient production of water for injection (WFI) for high purity medical grade water with reverse osmosis FilmTec™ elements.

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