Why DuPont

Possibility flows with us.


Enabling the world to thrive

The possibilities that flow with water are abundant. That’s why we continuously pursue pioneering innovation in essential and reliable solutions, and help customers like you across the globe confidently take hold of opportunities that will grow a cleaner world together. 

What we do best

Providing access to safer drinking water. Maximizing reuse and efficiency

As a global leader in purification and specialty-separation technologies, we provide state-of-the-art membrane science and ion exchange solutions that help make drinking water safer and cleaner for homes and communities; help industries and markets operate more effectively, efficiently, and sustainably; and make water-scarcity challenges more manageable, wherever they arise.

Helping to solve intractable water challenges: it’s our commitment. Following through with the broadest, proven, end-to-end portfolio of water-treatment and separation technologies so you can produce, purify, and extract some of the most commercially important products around the globe: it’s what we do best.

How we’re different

Placing you at the center of innovation 

When water resources are scarce and water quality, availability, and consistency are variable, offering high-performing ultrafiltration, nanofiltration, reverse osmosis, ion exchange, and electrodeionization products is not always enough.

Our collaborative approach places customer challenges at the heart of our innovation. We work closely with customers to understand their situational issues, including their water-treatment and specialty separation requirements. We then bring our deep understanding of the industry’s greatest challenges — both short- and long-term — to shape tailored, integrated solutions that meet real application needs

The value of working together

Ensuring quality and delivering worth

Not only do our premium solutions rest on decades of development and testing, but they can also provide significant ROI for customers. A textile plant in India, for example, piloted our minimal liquid discharge (MLD)  approach to improve water efficiency. It saw increased production, a 75-percent reduction of cleaning costs, an energy cost savings of 10 percent, and significantly longer element life.

The value of working with us goes beyond benefitting from our product portfolios, however. We provide training, support, and services, and bring our local expertise to global markets, making knowledge more available for partners across the water value chain.

Collaborating with our customers

Thriving together for a water-optimized world

Our inspiration comes from our customers and what they do every day to provide the most valuable source of hope – clean water. Unlock stories of collaboration that bring us closer to our shared vision of a water optimized world.  We invite you to dive-in and meet the most thrilling water heroes we have had the honor to partner with around the globe.

Hear our customers' voices as they share their expertise in action utilizing our world-class technologies.

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Fostering innovation through collaboration

Tarragona Global Water Technology Center

Since 2011, our Global Water Technology Center in Tarragona, Spain has been at the forefront of innovation in the water industry. This purpose-designed environment for collaborating with our partners and customers allows us to validate the ground-breaking solutions and technologies that help us sustainably tackle complex global water challenges.  

Equipped with state-of-the-art equipment, and with access to multiple water sources, the Global Water Technology Center is a dedicated space for application development testing advanced multi-tech solutions in a real-world environment, helping us continue to push the boundaries of science and technology as we seek to realize our vision of a water-optimized world. 

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What we do best

A continued commitment to excellence 

For over 70 years, we’ve strengthened businesses and communities worldwide, from pioneering the world’s first spiral-wound membranes, to assembling the most extensive range of solutions that integrate ultrafiltration, nanofiltration, reverse osmosis, ion exchange, and electrodeonization technologies, to leading the development of sustainable methods of water management.

We are now part of the new DuPont family, joining a global leader that empowers the world with the essential innovations to thrive. Carrying forward the same high-performing products, people, and collaborative partnerships, we harness our commitment to excellence to DuPont’s in order to support you like never before. As an innovator and thought leader in water treatment, new methods of water purification, and specialty separation, we remain committed to collaboratively advancing the industry.


 Local expertise. Global markets.

To help customers like you unlock success, we pair our global scale and expertise in application development with experience in local watersheds and industries. This means we form robust relationships with key stakeholders throughout the water industry, providing access to local water ecosystems.

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