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The pharmaceutical market has rapidly evolved over the past two decades, moving from broad-acting medicines to highly specific biomedicines. New drug categories have emerged, and advanced diagnostics to identify genetic sequences have become the norm. This bioprocessing revolution brings the promise of better disease management – and potentially even cures – for devastating diseases. It also brings manufacturing challenges as these new medical approaches require different methods for manufacturing. The impact is especially large for purification trains, where process developers face increasingly complex mixtures that are challenging to purify. Drug and diagnostics manufacturers need robust purification solutions and technical support to solve these challenges.

As a global market leader in adsorbents, chromatography resins, and ion exchange resins, DuPont Water Solutions offers a broad range of products designed for use in bioprocessing and drug synthesis. Whether it’s new advanced gene therapies or a conventional small molecule drug, DuPont has a wide range of polymeric purification resins to fit a multitude of applications. With a wellness optimized world at our core, our global research and development capabilities can address purification challenges in drug and diagnostics manufacturing now and in the future, resulting in better outcomes for patients and life science companies alike.


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Purification resins for PCR diagnostics, medical imaging, radiopharmaceuticals, and clinical diagnostics.

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Oligonucleotide Purification

Design trityl-on and trityl-off oligonucleotide purification processes for high yield and high purity with DuPont™ AmberChrom™ Chromatography Resins.

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Peptide Purification

Reverse phase HPLC and ion exchange chromatography for purification of insulin, vaccines, peptide antibiotics, and custom peptides.

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Plant & Animal Extracts

DuPont™ AmberLite™ adsorption resins and ion exchange resins for isolating, purifying, and concentrating polyphenols, alkaloids, and heparin.

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Small Molecule Drugs

Learn more about DuPont's polymeric resins for purifying vitamins, steroids, and aminoglycoside and beta-lactam antibiotics.

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