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Helping to feed the world through farm to table processing solutions.


Separation technologies and capabilities that support food and beverage manufacturers' current and future needs

DuPont helps feed the world in a sustainable way every day by providing farm to table solutions.  Our product offerings are based on multiple separation technologies, deep concentration and purification expertise, and knowledge in both traditional and new food and beverage applications.  Our ion exchange resin, polymeric adsorbent, nanofiltration, and reverse osmosis solutions are designed to meet the specific needs of regional taste preferences. Beyond taste, we value human health, food safety, diet quality, regional crops, and variety. 

DuPont uses advanced, science-driven technologies to help enable the manufacturing of traditional, caloric sweeteners and milk products into organic acids and healthy sweeteners. Food today is shifting from subsistence-based to protein-based diets. With our extensive product portfolio, technical know-how, and global outreach, we can optimize even the most challenging food & beverage manufacturing processes to help meet the demands of our evolving diets and promote healthier food choices.


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Sugar & Sweeteners

Our ion exchange resin and membrane technologies can be leveraged to help produce cost-effective, high-performance sweeteners such as glucose, fructose, allulose, and sorbitol.  

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We provide FilmTec™ Hypershell™ elements and ion exchange resins to help you process milk into the essential foods and ingredients we use every day.

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Organic & Amino Acids

Our full selection of high-quality strong acid cation and weak base anion ion exchange resins help tackle the challenging processing conditions that come with synthesizing organic and amino acids. 

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DuPont is a leading provider of purification technologies for liquid beverages. Our resin and membrane technologies help beverage producers improve safety, lower shipping costs, and enhance product health benefits.

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