From making the energy we use possible to helping the production of products we consume every day, we are empowering these industries and markets with water-treatment innovations and specialty process separations that help make people’s lives safer, healthier, and better tasting.

DNA helix representing DuPont Water Solutions Bioprocessing industry.


We enable complicated separations for drug synthesis resulting in better outcomes for patients and life science companies. 

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As a global market leader for catalyst ion exchange resins, our polymeric catalysts are used throughout the world in order to enable the production of critical products such as BPA, fuel ethers, esters, and phenols.

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Aerial view of a chemical processing facility requiring water treatment next to a flowing river.

Chemical Processing

We offer chemical processing solutions including feed stock purification, brine and acid purification, as well as chlorine-based and metal-based hydroxide solutions.

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Underwater view of three smiling children with swimming goggles playing and blowing bubbles in a swimming pool


We help commercial enterprises and facilities operate efficiently and offer high-quality products with our water-treatment solutions. 

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We develop multi-tech solutions for the world’s growing water and energy demands.

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Young girl and mother in the grass representing the DuPont Water Solutions food & beverage industry.

Food & Beverage

Every day we help feed the world through farm to table processing solutions focused on healthier foods and protein-based diets.  

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Industrial Utility Water plant at dusk

Industrial Utility Water

Our technologies and solutions are designed to help you overcome water challenges to produce your desired quantity and quality of industrial utility water.

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Industrial wastewater flowing out of steel pipes

Industrial Wastewater

We develop best-in-class technologies, accompanied by an advanced product portfolio of solutions, to address your crucial wastewater challenges.

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FilmTec™ elements for medical grade water

Medical Water

We help ensure access to high-quality ultrapure water across the medical and life science industries with our water treatment solutions.

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Close-up of a microelectronics motherboard that requires ultrapure water for manufacturing


We enable a reliable supply of ultrapure water with multi-tech solutions to maximize wastewater recovery and minimize liquid discharge. 

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Aerial view of a large piece of excavation equipment on the dusty, scarred surface of a coal mine


We facilitate the sustainable recovery of valuable raw materials through specialty separation technologies.

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Aerial view of a municipal water treatment plant's settling tanks next to a dense bank of trees and a brook


We help ensure a steady flow of clean, safe drinking water into local communities with our water-treatment solutions. 

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Offshore rig and red-hulled boat for the oil and gas industry in a bright blue sea

Oil & Gas Upstream

We help energy companies improve operational efficiency with specialized water treatment and wastewater reuse. 

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Close-up of tablets and pills representing the DuPont Water Solutions pharmaceutical industry.


We facilitate pharmaceutical formulations and advanced drug delivery through our offering of excipients and Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients (APIs).

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Young girl in a sunny room sips from a glass full of safe and clean drinking water.


We help improve the safety and quality of drinking water in homes with exceptional water treatment.

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Blue waves crashing on the beach

Seawater Desalination

We provide high-quality and durable solutions to the seawater reverse osmosis (SWRO) system to last the lifecycle of operations.

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