Specialty Processing


We help customers produce, purify, and extract some of the most commercially important products around the world. We are helping customers across industries and countries make real progress in ways that not only improve productivity, efficiency, and profitability, but also allowing them to confidently explore new opportunities — from facilitating the sustainable recovery of valuable raw materials to enabling high-quality production processes and sustainable catalysis.



As a global market leader for catalyst ion exchange resins, our polymeric catalysts are used throughout the world in order to enable the production of critical products such as BPA, fuel ethers, esters, and phenols.

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Aerial view of a chemical processing facility requiring industrial water treatment next to a flowing river.

Chemical Processing

We offer chemical processing solutions including feed stock purification, brine and acid purification, as well as chlorine-based and metal-based hydroxide solutions.

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Aerial view of a large piece of excavation equipment on the dusty, scarred surface of a coal mine


We facilitate the sustainable recovery of valuable raw materials through specialty separation technologies.

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