Wellness-Optimized World


Ensuring a bright future for humanity

Scientific progress has caused global life expectancy to more than double over the last two centuries, allowing humankind to focus on thriving rather than simply surviving. The work of the life sciences industry now emphasizes improving the quality of life for humans while ensuring we live in harmony with our planet’s rich tapestry of plants and animals.

From supporting the creation of next-generation drugs and healthier food choices, membrane technologies and polymeric resins are at the heart of solutions to some of the most complex separation and purification challenges.

As we continue to push the boundaries of science, we must harness the latest technological developments and embrace innovation. Together we transform lives, creating opportunities for people to thrive and ensuring a bright future for humanity.

We’re creating a Wellness-Optimized World.

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Ensuring a bright future for humanity in a wellness-optimized world

We now have access to the building blocks to solve global challenges and help people thrive around the globe, ensuring a bright future for all of humanity.

Together, we can create a wellness-optimized world that will contribute to improved health and nutrition across the life sciences industry. We must embrace the technologies that allow us to develop next-generation drugs and diagnostic tools to support better patient outcomes and healthier foods while improving the sustainability footprint and handprint of the life science industries. 

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Developing solutions

How DuPont technologies can help improve global health through reduced salt consumption

Salt is a universal flavor improver for both sweet and savory recipes. At low concentrations, it reduces bitterness while enhancing sweet, sour, and umami tastes (ideal for sweet dishes), whereas at higher concentrations it can suppress the sweetness and further embolden the umami (perfect for savory foods).

This means removing salt from a recipe can quickly compromise the taste profile of a particular food or beverage. Thankfully, there are now salt substitutes available for a range of applications and DuPont technologies play a critical role in their production. 

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