Industrial Utility Water

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Reliability and efficiency with DuPont’s industry-leading multi-tech portfolio of filtration and purification technologies

Water is a critical vector of nearly all industries, directly impacting both production uptime and profitability. Today, the manufacturing industry accounts for 16% of global water demand, and up to 22% by 2030. The United Nation’s Sustainable Development Goals 2030 target is to substantially increase water-use efficiency across all sectors, ensure sustainable withdrawals and supply of freshwater to address water scarcity, and substantially reduce the number of people suffering from water scarcity.

At DuPont Water Solutions, we develop integrated, effective solutions that meet the world’s growing water and energy demands. Our diverse portfolio of technologies and solutions address a broad range of water-treatment applications and are designed to help you overcome water challenges to produce your desired quantity and quality of industrial utility water. Our best-in-class technical team, supported by R&D, has accumulated decades of experience across all technologies to create solutions that address each site’s challenges. Our understanding of water chemistry and the complexity of individual constituents enable us to recognize project needs and critical requirements.


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Boiler Feed Water

Our boiler feed water treatment technologies can reduce asset corrosion and boiler downtime. 

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Cooling Tower Make-Up Water

Protect cooling tower water and increase plant operating efficiency with our advanced water treatment technologies.

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