High-purity water for hydrogen production

The global pursuit of more sustainable sources of energy and mobility is transforming our economy. Hydrogen has emerged as a promising vector due to its versatility as a fuel or feedstock. 

Hydrogen can be produced by several methods from different feedstocks, but the most sustainable technology is termed Green Hydrogen. Green Hydrogen, which is produced from water by renewable energy-powered electrolysis, can play several major roles in the energy transformation—contributing to the decarbonization of transportation, heat and energy, and as greener feedstock. Electrolysis is the process of electrically splitting the water molecules into hydrogen and oxygen gas, and while there are various types of electrolyzers, they all rely on high-purity water as the feedstock to produce hydrogen. 

At DuPont Water Solutions, we develop solutions designed to address the world’s growing water and energy demands. Our multi-tech portfolio can help create the high-purity water that electrolyzers require with our ultrafiltration, ion exchange, biofouling prevention, reverse osmosis and electrodeionization solutions.

By working closely with key stakeholders to provide water treatment solutions for green hydrogen production, we envision strategic relationships that can help solve today’s needs and create the future of technology—together.

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