If you are looking to replace a competitive Purolite resin, check out the table below.


 Purolite Product

 Possible DuPont Alternative

 Purolite Chromalite 10AD1

 DuPont™ AmberChrom™ XT20

 Purolite Chromalite 10AD2

 DuPont™ AmberChrom™ XT20

 Purolite Chromalite 15AD1

 DuPont™ AmberChrom™ XT20 &  DuPont™ AmberChrom™ XT30

 Purolite Chromalite PCG1200F15

 DuPont™ AmberChrom™ XT20/ XT30

 Purolite Chromalite 15AD2

 DuPont™ AmberChrom™ XT20

 Purolite Chromalite 30AD2

 DuPont™ AmberChrom™ XT30

 Purolite Chromalite PCG900F

 DuPont™ AmberChrom™ XT30

 Purolite Chromalite PCG900M

 DuPont™ AmberChrom™ CG300M

 Purolite Chromalite PCG900C

 DuPont™ AmberChrom™ CG300C

 Purolite Chromalite PCG600F

 DuPont™ AmberChrom™ CG161S

 Purolite Chromalite PCG600M

 DuPont™ AmberChrom™ CG161M

 Purolite Chromalite PCG600C

 DuPont™ AmberChrom™ CG161C

 Purolite Chromalite PCG950F

 DuPont™ AmberChrom™ CG71S

 Purolite Chromalite PCG950M

 DuPont™ AmberChrom™ CG71M

 Purolite Chromalite PCG950C

 DuPont™ AmberChrom™ CG71C


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