Helping customers maximize the availability of energy while minimizing the water, chemical and carbon footprint of its production.


Multi-tech solutions for the world’s growing water and energy demands

The global pursuit of more sustainable sources of energy is transforming our economy. 

At DuPont Water Solutions, we develop solutions that address the world’s growing water and energy demands. By working to maximize the availability of electricity, lithium and hydrogen, our diverse portfolio of technologies and solutions can address a broad range of water treatment applications and challenges—enabling electrification and decarbonization while making a positive impact for customers and society.


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DuPont provides ion exchange resin solutions for the purification of glycol-water coolants within electric vehicles.

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Green Hydrogen

Our multi-tech portfolio can help create the high-purity water that electrolyzers require with ultrafiltration, ion exchange, biofouling prevention, reverse osmosis, and electrodeionization solutions.

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Lithium Brine Purification

DuPont offers lithium purification and concentration solutions with nanofiltration, reverse osmosis, ion exchange, ultrafiltration, CCRO, and zero liquid discharge technologies.

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Power Generation

We enable the smooth and safe operation of power plants through innovative water treatment and wastewater reuse.

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