From design software to calculators, our periodic table, regulatory information, specialized support services, training, and more, our resources support you in developing the most safe and effective water-treatment and separation processes possible.

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Product Replacement Advisor

Find replacement products for ion exchange discontinued products.

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Model of connected ultrafiltration elements, reverse osmosis elements, and ion exchange beds in WAVE (Water Application Value Engine) modeling software

Design Software

Access our WAVE software for water treatment system design.

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The period table of elements, with grouped elements identified by color

Periodic Table

See how our solutions relate to each chemical element.

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Close-up of the "Inputs (per Train)" portion of the resin replacement calculator


Estimate your plant’s performance possibilities, or if it’s time to replace your resins.

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Partial view of an AMBERLITE™ CR1320 Ca FDA letter

Regulatory Statements

Find FDA letters, ISO certifications, and drinking-water certifications for our technologies.

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Cover of the DuPont Water Solutions System Optimization Services brochure

System Optimization Services

Learn more about our resin and element testing services.

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The logos of the DuPont Water Solutions Water Academy and Process Academy with an illustration of a molecule behind them

Water & Process Academies

Build your technical know-how and applications expertise.

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Magnification of the secure graphic and QR code that is on upper right side of the label of a genuine FILMTEC™ reverse osmosis element

Anti-Counterfeiting Solutions

See how we assure customers that our products are genuine.

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Screenshot of the FAQ section of the Resource Center

FAQs (Answer Center)

Get quick answers to technical questions in our resource center.


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