MEMCOR Membranes

Pressurized and submerged ultrafiltration technology and membrane bioreactor systems (MBR)


Industry-leading efficiency in design and footprint

The MEMCOR® product line is a result of 30 years of innovation in membrane technologies and systems for municipal and industrial applications.

This DuPont product line has more than 1,000 microfiltration and ultrafiltration installations and is established as a global leader in wastewater reuse, drinking water treatment, RO pre-treatment, and industrial process water.


Transforming MBR through innovation


The MEMCOR® product line has been an innovative pioneer and leader in low pressure membranes for over 30 years and has had a dedicated MBR team since 1995.

MEMCOR® MBR technology has led the industry with a series of “Firsts to Market” advancements that have substantially improved the reliability and economics of MBR systems.

See how MEMCOR® has been setting the standard with a succession of technology breakthroughs:



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