Localized Water Treatment Facility Provides Safe, Reliable Drinking Water in Ethiopia

Article | March 18, 2020

The town of Serdo in the Afar Region of Ethiopia lies within the Great Rift Valley, which is known for underground water reservoirs that contain dangerously high levels of salinity and fluoride. Non-governmental organizations have funded the drilling of boreholes in the region as a way to access clean water directly underground, but, on average, only one in five produces safe drinking water. Approximately 40 borehole wells throughout Afar itself have been abandoned and sealed after spending thousands of dollars on drilling.

DuPont Water Solutions, USAID, CARE Ethiopia and Puretec Israel partnered to revive  capped and unsafe boreholes, serving as a model for the region.

Read the full case study for more details on how we created an economical model for uncapping local boreholes by reducing the salinity and fluoride content to safe levels.

The site serves as an operating example for municipal water boards and governments that are interested in scaling proven solutions to stem similar water challenges.

Watch the new video to see how this innovative project is now providing 5,000 liters per hour of safe water to more than 2,000 men, women and children in Ethiopia.


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