Innovative Project Brings Clean Drinking Water to Local Kenya Community

Article | November 7, 2019

Only nine out of 55 public water service providers in Kenya provide a continuous water supply, leaving locals in search of their own solutions.  In Kasarani, Kenya – a residential district within Nairobi – the Little Sisters of St. Francis (LSOSF) took action to ensure St. Francis Hospital Training Center has access to safe, reliable potable water.

More than half of the groundwater in Kenya contains dangerously high levels of fluoride, which can cause dental and skeletal fluorosis. LSOSF formed a cooperative team that included USAID, Davis & Shirtliff and DuPont Water Solutions to install a filtration system that removes fluoride from the drinking water source.

Through the collaboration, DuPont Water Solutions donated their extensive water purification expertise and high-recovery water purification technologies. Read the full case study for more details on how the new water treatment facility impacts the local Kenya community. 

In addition, watch the below video to see how this innovative project helps over 6,000 Nairobi-area students, hospital patients and residents gain access to clean water.


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