Transforming Lives Through Safe Water

Article | March 17, 2021
Transforming Lives Through Safe Water in Puebla, Mexico

Diversifying water supplies in Puebla, Mexico

In the shadows of the Popocatepetl and Iztaccihuatl volcanoes, the city of Puebla has turned to additional sources of water sources, as the available groundwater is no longer sufficient to supply the burgeoning population. The surface waters being tapped, however, are sulfurous due to the volcanic activity. The challenge of how to make this safe and potable was put to Mexican OEM, Industrias Islas, experts in water treatment solutions. With their guidance, the water utility Agua de Puebla has built a water supply system that will sustain the area’s inhabitants for generations. In a joint team effort, the three parties pioneered an approach that is unique in the country, with advanced DuPont membranes for ultrafiltration and reverse osmosis at its heart.

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