DuPont Commits to Solving Water Challenges

Press Release | October 17, 2019
Press Release
DuPont Water Solutions Launches ‘Clean Water Together’ Initiative to Encourage Broader Community Participation

Launches ‘Clean Water Together’ initiative to encourage broader community participation


MUMBAI, India, October 17, 2019 – India’s water scarcity issues are becoming bigger every day. As many water issues need broader community participation, creating awareness about water saving, recycling and reuse is increasingly becoming important. DuPont Water Solutions, a global leader in purification and separation technologies, launched an initiative – 'Clean Water Together', to encourage broader community participation on water-related issues.

Apart from raising awareness and building a common understanding of critical water issues, the 'Clean Water Togetherinitiative aims to create shared values on how water should be used and managed. By establishing a co-relation between personal water use and societal impacts, the initiative encourages communities to make their own, informed decisions about water conservation.

“We know that water has taken center stage with the Indian government and several programs are being implemented around saving water. However, given India’s strong growth and an increasing demand for clean water, now is the time to bring the broader community onboard around the water issues. To that end, our 'Clean Water Together' initiative aims to engage community participation on topics such as water conservation, clean water availability, water use and reuse, and ground water quality, so that they can develop awareness and understanding on managing water efficiently and even spread the word to others.”

“As a leader in helping make water safer and more accessible, we feel we are well-positioned to shine the spotlight on these water issues and help make India water positive, said, Nanette Hermsen, Global Leader Marketing, DuPont Water Solutions.

By way of a unique mobile-first web-based platform (, the initiative provides science-backed information about water and related technology to users. Through articles, blogs, stories and water maps it helps communities build an understanding about personal water use, ground water quality in their geography, as well as available drinking water purification technologies. Visitors can also share their pictures and videos on how they’re saving water.

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