Read the new Future of Water Report featured in The Times

Article |October 01,2019

According to the World Health Organization and UNICEF, 3 in 10 people lack access to safe water at home. DuPont Water Solutions was featured alongside the World Economic Forum to offer actionable solutions for mitigating water challenges in a new report titled The Future of Water, published in The Times.

The growing threat of water scarcity demands that we innovate not just technology, but by forging new connections with people, organizations and companies across the value chain. The power to solve water challenges is in our collective hands, and engaging beyond traditional methods will bring those solutions to bear.

Access the full report through February 1, 2020 and learn how DuPont Water Solutions is working toward a sustainable water future.


“Banks, governments, industry, technology providers; there are numerous people who have to come together and really make some of these things happen. Framing the problems holistically and bringing down silos is really important.”

Alex Lane, Commercial Director, DuPont Water Solutions

DuPont’s Commercial Director encourages collaboration to address water challenges

Alex Lane, Commercial Director at DuPont, offered pointed insight to The Future of Water report on what it will take to address water challenges. Read the full interview with Alex on page three of the report.