Watch DuPont Water Solutions’ Chino, California WAVE Modeling Software Video

Article |February 10, 2020

Decades of dairy farming and agricultural activity have left one of Southern California’s largest groundwater reservoirs – the Chino Basin – saturated with nitrates and unsafe for consumption. As such, the Chino Basin Desalter Authority sought out a water treatment solution to reject nitrates and produce clean drinking water.

The new video highlights the success of DuPont’s WAVE design software that helped select an ideal reverse osmosis system, delivering millions of gallons of water to surrounding communities and institutions while maintaining low-energy consumption.

Watch the video to learn how FilmTec™ Reverse Osmosis elements help ensure long-term plant performance and energy-efficient nitrate removal. 


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By taking a localized approach, DuPont Water Solutions' modeling software and reverse osmosis technology deliver millions of gallons of nitrate-free drinking water to surrounding communities and water utilities