ADSORBSIA™ Titanium-Based Media

ADSORBSIA™ Titanium-Based Media is an adsorbent with a strong affinity for arsenic, lead and other heavy metals. It is designed as a non-regenerative (single-use) adsorbent for the treatment of drinking water.


ADSORBSIA™ As600 Titanium-Based Media is an adsorbent that is selective for oxyanions such as arsenate, chromate, and selenite. The inherently high adsorptive capacity of this titanium oxide based technology has been formulated into an easy-to-use, mechanically-stable granulation suitable for use in a broad range of potable water applications. Because it is based on titanium, ADSORBSIA As600 does not support bacterial growth as iron based media will.

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Used In:

  • Municipal drinking water systems
  • *Regulatory requirements for drinking water may vary from region to region. Please check with your local authority regarding specific regulatory requirements and application status before use and sale.


  •  High arsenic loading
  •  Good arsenate capacity
  •  Bacteriastatic (does not support colonization)
  •  Operates in wider pH range
  •  Removal of other toxic oxyanions


  • Asia Pacific
  • Latin America
  • North America