AmberLite™ Ion Exchange Resins


DuPont™ AmberLite™ FPA52RF


AmberLite™ FPA52RF Ion Exchange Resin is a high-capacity, polystyrene, weak base anion exchanger. It has an outstanding mechanical and osmotic stability, making it suitable for the treatment of solutions with relatively high dissolved solids, such as demineralization of food solutions such as amino acids, gelatin, citrus juices, sugar juices, sucrose, glucose, lactose, and others. Its macroporous structure facilitates excellent adsorption and desorption of organic matter.  Additionally, AmberLite™ FPA52RF has significantly reduced amount of fine resin particles making it easier to use with reduced pressure drop, resin backwash loss, and reduced screen plugging.






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AmberLite™ Ion Exchange Resins


AmberLite™ Ion Exchange Resins are available in a very wide range of chemical compositions and polymer structures and have been used for decades in a high-value applications including water treatment in industrial and power generation plants, drinking water, food processing, chemical processing, bioprocessing, and pharmaceutical formulations.