AmberTec™ Ion Exchange Resins


DuPont™ AmberTec™ MR-450 UPW H/OH


AmberTec™ MR-450 UPW H/OH Ion Exchange Resin is an ultrapure water-grade, non-separable, homogeneous, mixed bed resin recommended as a point-of-use or nonregenerable mixed bed in the polishing loop to achieve sub-ppb levels of soluble silica, boron, sodium, potassium, sulfate, chloride, zinc, iron, and aluminum. This nonregenerable mixed bed resin is used for 2 – 3 years before replacement.

This homogeneous mixed bed contains 360-µm cation resin and 590-µm anion resin (mean particle size), thus providing efficient kinetics to achieve a higher operating capacity. The ratio of anion to cation in AmberTec™ MR-450 UPW H/OH is volumetrically optimized to achieve maximum removal of boron and silica.






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AmberTec™ Ion Exchange Resins


AmberTec™ Ion Exchange Resins with uniform particle size beads provide improved performance over standard-grade resins with Gaussian particle size distribution. They are available in a wide range of chemical compositions and polymer structures and are ideal for use in industrial water demineralization systems including both co-flow and counter-current-flow regenerations systems, AmberPack™ and Upcore™ Packed Bed Systems, and mixed beds.