Specialty Membranes


FilmTec™ Hypershell™ HTRO-4040/48 and HTRO-8038/48 High Temperature Reverse Osmosis Elements


FilmTec™ Hypershell™ HTRO-4040/48 and HTRO-8038/48 High Temperature Reverse Osmosis Elements offer up to 80°C continuous operating temperature capability due to a special element design and a FilmTec™ SW30 flat sheet, ideally suited for various kinds of hot industrial streams with high demand of solute rejection. Our Hypershell™ technology, a machined polypropylene rigid outer shell, offers significant advantages versus standard mesh wrapped elements like minimizing channeling, improving the hydrodynamics of the element, energy savings and faster loading and unloading of elements.






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Specialty Membranes


The Specialty Membrane product line consists of elements with a distinct membrane construction, specializing in unique industrial application needs. Broadening the Water & Process Solutions portfolio to solve operation challenges in extreme conditions, the Specialty Membrane Elements perform consistently to help maximize recovery and separation of valuable compounds, minimize overall system CAPEX while reducing environmental footprint, reduce OPEX by lowering overall energy and cleaning chemicals consumption, and meet regulatory requirements.