FilmTec™ Brackish Water Reverse Osmosis 4" Elements


FilmTec™ XLE PRO-4040


FilmTec™ XLE PRO-4040 Elements offer better system performance and economics for small commercial systems by operating at very low applied pressure. FilmTec™ XLE PRO-4040 elements are tape-wrapped. In addition to high-quality water and low energy costs, FilmTec™ membranes also deliver savings by providing long lasting and reliable performance. For added convenience, the elements are available in a dry state for rapid start-up.





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FilmTec™ Brackish Water Reverse Osmosis 4" Elements


FilmTec™ Brackish Water Reverse Osmosis 4" Elements can separate salts from water and are produced with an automated fabrication process that ensures precision, consistency, and reliability. They are ideal for use in medium-sized water treatment system that produce less than approximately 10 gpm (2300 L/h) of permeate. Our RO membranes build on a tradition of leadership in the thin-film composite membrane industry and meet the challenges of higher rejection in lower-pressure operations.