FilmTec™ Tap Water Reverse Osmosis Elements


FilmTec™ Aqualast™ 1812-HR


FilmTec™ Aqualast™ 1812-HR Residential RO elements offer outstanding anti-scaling performance and high rejection to enable industry leading water efficiency with long element lifetimes when treating high TDS and hardness waters common in high recovery system operation or inherent in regional source waters. The performance is achieved with high rejection, anti-scaling flat sheet and element design technology incorporated into an 1812 element configuration suitable to fit standard element housings.






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FilmTec™ Tap Water Reverse Osmosis Elements


FilmTec™ Tap Water Reverse Osmosis Elements feature advanced membrane technology and offer outstanding reliability and consistency. Our automated fabrication process allows precise production of every element to tight, pre-defined specifications, helping customers develop and maintain brand recognition along with a reputation for building systems that reliably provide low-impurity drinking water.