FilmTec™ Specialty 8" Elements


FilmTec™ SG30-400/34i


FilmTec™ SG30-400/34i Semiconductor-Grade Reverse Osmosis Elements have been developed to meet the requirements of higher overall rejection, higher rejection of lower molecular weight organic compounds and silica, and an accelerated TOC rinse down profile. This high surface area element allows for system design with fewer elements and a lower applied operating pressure, thus optimizing amortization of capital costs while lowering operating cost. FilmTec SG30-400/34i elements feature the unique iLEC™ Interlocking End Caps that reduce system operating costs, reduce the risk of o-ring leaks and the generation of small particles that lead to poor water quality, and eliminate the need for lubricants. FilmTec SG30-400/34i is intended primarily for polishing use in traditional UPW systems designed for higher pressure operation. It features a 34-mil spacer to lessen the impact of fouling and pressure drop across a vessel, increasing running time between cleaning and enhancing cleaning effectiveness.






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FilmTec™ Specialty 8" Elements


FilmTec™ Specialty 8" Elements have been developed through industry-leading research to meet special application requirements such as ultrapure water for the fabrication of microelectronics, the removal of sulfate from injection water on offshore oil platforms, and heat-sanitizable products for use in medical applications.