Offering the most complete portfolio of innovative water filtration and separation solutions on the market.


Solving the world’s water-treatment challenges is what we do best

At DuPont Water Solutions, we develop integrated, effective solutions that meet the world’s growing water and energy demands. Our proven solutions are unmatched — built on industry-leading technologies, extensive expertise, and decades of experience. Harnessing the power of creative thinking, we apply a partnership approach to solving problems that achieves real-world results.

Addressing a broad range of water-treatment applications for water filtration and separation, and more, our technologies and solutions help you with:

  • Biofouling prevention.
  • Boiler feedwater.
  • Condensate polishing.
  • Cooling tower water.
  • Demineralization.
  • Desalination.
  • Drinking water.
  • Minimal liquid discharge.
  • Purification and separation.
  • Trace contaminant removal.
  • Wastewater reuse.

Featured application: Minimal liquid discharge

Today, plants and facilities that produce significant amounts of wastewater are seeking a more cost-effective and sustainable alternative to zero liquid discharge (ZLD). Many are turning to minimal liquid discharge (MLD), a viable alternative that minimizes water recovery, waste, and operating costs. 

With the industry’s broadest portfolio of water filtration and separation technologies, we can help you achieve your MLD goals and get you on a path toward cost savings and higher recovery.

Learn more about minimal liquid discharge.