FILMTEC™ Next Generation Home RO Elements

Dow's next generation elements have been precisely designed and will replace existing FILMTEC™ residential RO elements. Performance specifications are identical for both FILMTEC existing and next generation of products. All next generation Home RO elements are NSF/ANSI 58 certified.

The next generation encompasses all standard FILMTEC elements, including:


Product improvements and enhanced features:

Completely redesigned element:

Dow has completely redesigned all standard DOW FILMTEC residential RO elements using optimized materials of construction and our industry leading product development capabilities. The next generation design offers equivalent or superior overall performance compared to existing DOW FILMTEC standard products. Elements with flow rate equal or greater than 50 GPD now have a two leaf design improving element efficiency and water quality while maintaining the trouble-free operation you have come to expect from DOW FILMTEC elements. The new element is compatible with all element housings that have previously used DOW FILMTEC residential elements.

Brand protection:

Incorporation of multiple security features such as:

  • Enhanced hologram label design with multiple anti-counterfeiting features which include:
    • Water drop symbol and text holograms
    • A DOW FILMTEC™ product code and model description
    • A unique imprinted product serial number
  • GPD marking on feed end tube
  • Quality Assurance:

    Enhanced quality control throughout the entire production process; eleven different quality checks monitor all critical dimensions and product characteristics. 100% of all DOW FILMTEC™ residential elements must pass an element integrity test before packaging to ensure our customers receive defect-free products.

    The increased capacity, advanced automation and quality control will allow us to keep providing high quality DOW FILMTEC™ residential RO elements. Dow understands that quality products provide critical support for your reputation in the market place, and help increase customers' satisfaction with your products.

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