FilmTec™ Fortilife™ DIRECTOR™ Biofilm Visualization Tool


Best-in-class biofouling diagnostic tool

The industry-leading Biofouling Visualization tool, Fortilife™ DIRECTOR™, helps reverse osmosis (RO) users sustain water production through a superior, best-in-class biofouling diagnostic tool while maintaining low operational cost. 

Fortilife™ DIRECTOR™ is a unique tool that does not alter the biofilm distribution and morphology on the element, nor interact with the membrane. It provides a sharp image and allows to quantify the true impact of biofouling in your system.

This premium service within our System Optimization Services (SOS) laboratories support customer requests to precisely identify and quantify the impact of biofouling in RO systems. These insights can help while planning cleaning strategies, pretreatments, replacements, and most suitable reverse osmosis elements to be installed. 

Pushing boundaries

Our Methodolgy

While many methods involve scraping the biofilm from membrane surface and staining it to be visualized, Fortilife™ DIRECTOR™ does not alter the biofilm structure nor interact with the membrane. It provides a sharp image which allows quantification of the membrane surface covered by biofilm. The biofilm pattern is easily visualized in the membrane and the membrane biofouling condition can be determined.

Software is used to subtract background from biofilm due to differences in contrast. Once a binary image is obtained, surface coverage can be calculated, and membrane and feed spacer can be colored independently. 

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Providing multiple benefits

Fortilife™ DIRECTOR™ Biofilm Visualization Tool Advantages

Fortilife™ DIRECTOR™ Biofilm Visualization Tool is fast, economic, safe to handle, and provides sharp definition. The tool can efficiently and effectively:


  • Differentiate membrane area from biofilm surface.
  • Study distribution and morphology of biofilm.
  • Detect imprint or defects in membrane surface.
  • Obtain a detailed image of the membrane surface.
  • Calcuate biofilm surface area.


Knowing the true impact of biofouling can help to assess pretreatment efficiency, system healthiness, and to select the most suitable product when replacement will be needed.
Getting started

Request an SOS analysis

System optimization services (SOS) puts our global team of highly skilled, experienced scientists and technicians at your disposal. For a nominal fee, we’ll conduct an assessment using state-of-the-art equipment and methods to identify critical issues affecting your systems. 

To request SOS, please contact your account manager or technical service representative.

If you do not have a direct contact, please click here to provide the information through email and send it to Upon receipt of your request, we will connect you to the appropriate account manager or technical service representative to discuss your request.


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