Blue Talk


A catalyst of hopeful discussion for a water-optimized world

Bringing together the greatest minds from across the globe, Blue Talk lets possibilities flow with discussions between water influencers about the latest industry trends and the challenges we face in a water-stressed world. This visionary series explores the steps necessary to safeguard precious natural water resources and increase access to clean and healthy water for the 7.8 billion people who call our planet home.

Through our discussions with businesses, NGOs and activists, we are diving into the big issues facing the water industry, identifying how innovation and collective action can ensure a clean-water future. This growing library of insightful sessions includes:

  • A conversation with Kimberly-Clark’s Global Water Program Leader about how global sustainability challenges are being solved through strong supplier relationships
  • An exploration of the City Water Optimization Index in partnership with Economist Impact
  • A deep dive into the root causes of water contamination in the USA with bestselling author Seth Siegel
  • An evaluation of how the Water Resilience Coalition can inspire collaborative action to improve water access, reliability and sustainability

Engage in these hopeful discussions and use them as catalyst for change and driver of innovation as we work towards a water-optimized world.


Let's Talk Water


MARCH 21, 2024 (on-demand)

Working Together for a Water-Optimized Dairy Industry

OCTOBER 13, 2022 (on-demand)

Optimizing Water Through Sustainability