Our Why


We’re improving lives and helping people thrive, enabling a bright future for humanity

We have a duty to use the technology and ingenuity at our disposal to continue pushing the boundaries of science and create a health and wellness-optimized world. Together, we can improve the quality of life for humans, plants, and animals in our world through essential innovation across the life science industries, from new biological drugs and healthier new sweeteners to alternative proteins and enabling drug delivery.

Collaborating for a wellness-optimized world

Our Vision

We envision a future where the world’s 7.8 billion people are focused on thriving rather than simply surviving, able to seize every waiting opportunity knowing that their health and wellness are taken care of. The life sciences industries have access to the technologies that allow them to continue pushing the boundaries of science while operating sustainably.

Wellness can be


Emerging therapeutics, new delivery forms, and sustainable energy sources make it possible for all communities across the globe to access the latest developments in medical and nutritional science. 

Bioprocessing: high performance solutions to complicated separations will improve greater access to healthcare innovations and next-generation medicines and therapeutics.




Wellness can be


High performance solutions to complicated separation and purification challenges enable affordable next-generation technologies across the life science industries. 

Food & Beverage: our family of concentration, polishing, purification, and separation solutions balance societal objectives with food production offering lower cost of production, manufacturing efficiency, and food security.


Wellness can be


Essential innovations allow industries to react to societies changing demands and expectations for healthier, tastier, and convenient solutions with unparalleled flexibility.

Dairy: essential innovations across dairy ingredients will address regional taste preferences, shifts to more health-conscious diets as well as food safety, diet quality, and nourishing food choices.

Wellness can be


Technological developments are supporting the scaling up of next-generation drugs, healthcare innovations, and regional crop-to-food solutions, while ensuring security in access and supply for a growing global population.

Pharmaceutical: specialized excipients used as taste-masking agents, drug carriers, and tablet disintegrants will improve global access to medicinal drugs.

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