Purification Project in Tanzania Enriches School Life

Article | July 15, 2020
Purification Project in Tanzania Enriches School Life

When the “Help for the Massai” charity was building the new Nasserian primary school in Malambo in 2013, the water supply was key. One of our colleagues, Jan Rädel, technical manager in the Middle East for our inge®  product line, volunteered to design and install a rainwater purification system for which we, as a company, donated the membranes and we, as employees, collected to pay for the auxiliary works.

After seven years of successful self-operation, with maintenance carried out by a local technician, a second water treatment system has now been put into operation on the site for the new secondary school. This is in addition to several water purification projects in other parts of the region, and plans are laid for more.

The water supply has allowed 400 students and teachers, as well as the local community, to feel safe and secure at all times of year. The students have become fully involved, as they are actively taking lessons on water purification and how the water tower operates. 

The program even has a special name: “JaDi Maji” – Maji meaning water in Kiswahili and JaDi standing for JAn and DIrk (the cofounder of this water charity program).  Supporting this impressive humanitarian project is our contribution to safe drinking water supply in Malambo. 


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