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Are you ready to learn about feasible solutions for water scarcity challenges? Our inspiration comes from our customers and what they do every day to provide the most valuable source of hope – clean water. Here, you will unlock stories of collaboration that bring us closer to our shared vision of a water-optimized world.  We invite you to dive-in and meet the most thrilling water heroes we have had the honor to partner with around the globe.

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CCRO Streamlines Water Purification for Archer Daniels Midland

"Everything worked as promised. On the DesaliTec™ system, we walk up to this touch panel, we change the recovery from 80% to 88%, and voila, it’s done!  The whole system automatically adjusts to a higher recovery without us ever having to put our hands on a single piece of equipment.” 

Mark Carroll, Water Resource Engineer at ADM

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Featured Technology

Industrial Wastewater Facility Expansion with MEMCOR® MBR Systems

Rahr Malting is responsible for producing approximately 20% of commercial malt in the United States. With the introduction of DuPont MEMCOR® MBR technology, the plant can now efficiently treat wastewater for discharge into the Minnesota River.

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