FilmTec™ Helps Transform the Uzbekistan Fertilizer Production Market

Article | March 30, 2020
FilmTec™ Helps Transform the Uzbekistan Fertilizer Production Market

Due to rising demand, growing populations and environmental pressures, industrial wastewater treatment and reuse has become an attractive alternative to freshwater sourcing worldwide. In Uzbekistan –  an arid, landlocked country that  receives 85 percent of its total water supply from neighboring upstream countries – sustainable water management is critical to help reduce competition for local resources and help ensure economic growth more broadly.

In the Navoiy region – one of Uzbekistan’s largest industrial centers –a series of major development projects are in place to help boost the production of mineral fertilizers, chemical reagents and other small tonnage chemical products, while also meeting the country’s environmental standards.

One of these projects is the construction of nitric acid production facility, with an expected capacity of 1,500 metric tons per day to be used in fertilizer.

Read the full case study for more details on how DuPont Water Solutions partnered with Unidro and Casale SA to help drive plant efficiency.

Watch the new video to see how by using MLD techniques and customizing technology for specific treatment stages, the Water Solutions and Unidro partnership delivered an initial waste stream with a minimum 20 percent solids content.  

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