Boosting Energy and Cost Efficiency in Sugar & Sweetener Processing

Article | April 10, 2024
Boosting Energy and Cost Efficiency in Sugar & Sweetener Processing

While sugar is a key ingredient in many beverages, it can be cumbersome to use in its raw form; heat and physical mixing are needed to make it dissolve, plus it can be challenging to achieve even distribution and consistent levels of sweetness throughout a mixture. Liquid sugar can deliver the same sweetness and flavor profile as raw sugar while allowing beverage manufacturers to discontinue use of expensive, energy-guzzling boilers and carbon filtration polishing systems that require staff to operate and maintain. Instead, a truck arrives at their factory and pumps liquid sugar into a tank, ready for immediate use in production.

DuPont is a leading process technology provider for sugar and sweeteners, supporting this global industry with a comprehensive portfolio of ion exchange resins that can help produce sweeteners of the highest purity while making manufacturing processes more cost-effective.

ICHITA, a leading expert in the production of liquid sugar, is based in Thailand, one of the world’s largest sugar-producing and exporting countries. DuPont and ICHITA worked closely together introduce DuPont™  Amberlite™ ion exchange resins, designed specifically for decolorization and deashing during the syrup production process, to help end-users produce a liquid sugar syrup of neutral color and with minimal impurities.

“The ion exchange resin is the main part of our system. We worked together with DuPont and tested the product until we found that this was the right product for the liquid sugar processing system," said Chirapong Sakullachat, CEO of ICHITA.

The resulting solution is being successfully used by Baanrai Sugar Industries to transform raw sugar from PT Labinta into liquid sugar, helping to increase the efficiency of Coca Cola’s Indonesian manufacturing operation.

Watch the case study video to discover how DuPont collaborated with organizations throughout the value chain to help devise a cost-effective and sustainable liquid sugar solution.

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