Decentralized MBR Solutions for a Residential Complex in India

Article | December 05, 2022
Decentralized MBR Solutions for a Residential Complex in India

Several areas in Hyderabad, India are facing potable water shortage due to irregular supply. The majority of water supply in the city depends on the surface water received through river Musi and several natural and manmade lakes around the city. The local government has mandated for companies as well as residential and commercial properties to set up decentralized STPs on their premises and to use the treated water for secondary applications like gardening, flushing, car washing, and more. To upgrade and operate existing plants in the city, DuPont Water Solutions joined hands with Banka Bio Limited.

This project faced many challenges, including raw water availability, cost of raw water, odor issues, and height issues. The height available to install STP was only 4.4 meters which was making it difficult to go ahead with other membranes. Not only is DuPont’s MEMCOR® MBR a cost-effective and reliable solution for local STPs, but the B40N modules, with localized header plate arrangement, helped to overcome the challenges pertaining to low height available at the client's site. Furthermore, this technology led to reduced energy consumption for MBR membrane air scouring.

Learn about other benefits gained by the client by reading the detailed case study or watching the video.

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