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MemPulse® B40N Membrane Filtration Module


The MemPulse® B40N membranes are bound together in modules using a unique dual-potting system and submerged within a compact modular rack located in a separate membrane tank. Mixed liquor is fed into the membrane tank and the membranes are air scoured. The filtrate pump then draws the water through the fiber wall thus filtering the water from the solids and the filtrate is pumped away for use elsewhere. MemPulse® Membrane Bioreactor (MBR) System uses a unique pulsed, plug flow aeration to greatly increase process efficiency and reduce energy usage. A continuous air flow is evenly distributed to each aeration device where it is accumulated and then released as a pulse of large bubbles that increase in size as they move up the membrane fibers. The size and the random nature of the large bubbles or slugs of air prevent trash and solids build up by pushing debris away from the membrane fibers at the surface. DuPont's membrane system leads the industry in energy consumption with specific energy usage as low as 0.08 kWh/m³ and delivers superior filtration performance while reducing aeration energy up to 60%.






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MemPulse® Membrane Bioreactor Systems