DuPont Water Solutions Announces Price Increases

Article | October 28, 2021
DuPont Water Solutions Announces Price Increases

DuPont Water Solutions today announced an up to ten percent price increase for products across its purification and separation portfolio, effective November 1, 2021 as local regulations and contracts allow. Increases will impact reverse osmosis, ion exchange, ultrafiltration, and membrane bioreactor products across all markets and applications.  

Account Managers will provide customers with specific details for the products purchased from DuPont.

The continued increases in the costs of all raw materials, global labor shortages, and the unprecedented dynamics surrounding the global transportation and logistics environment are creating extreme challenges.

DuPont Water Solutions is taking a number of actions to continue to provide reliable supply and minimize the price increases for our customers, including implementing productivity improvements, identifying alternative suppliers and carriers, and upgrading parts of our portfolio to help customers decrease the price of water despite increased product prices.  

All new orders will be confirmed at the new price. In some cases, existing orders already confirmed at previous pricing but invoicing on or after the effective date will be reconfirmed at the higher price if permitted under the specific legal framework in the country the sales transaction is conducted. 

If customers have additional questions, they are encouraged to contact their DuPont Account Manager.