AMBERLITE™ Ion Exchange Resins

AMBERLITE™ Ion Exchange Resins are available in a very wide range of chemical compositions and polymer structures and have been used for decades in a high-value applications including water treatment in industrial and power generation plants.


AMBERLITE™ HPR550 Cl Ion Exchange Resin is a Uniform Particle Size, Gel, Strong Base Anion Exchange Resin for Condensate Polishing and Mixed Bed Demineralization Applications for the Power Industry. It is a premium-quality, high-capacity resin specifically designed for use in high purity industrial demineralization applications and condensate polishing beds at power stations when the chloride-form is preferred by the user. This resin provides exceptional bead integrity and rapid exchange kinetics due to its small average particle size, making it ideally suited to the high flowrate demands commonly encountered in power plant condensate polishing systems. The bead size uniformity and a distinguishable light color is tailored to complement the larger, denser, cationic, gel AMBERLITE™ HPR650 H Ion Exchange Resin. The color distinction between this pair of resins allows easy visual confirmation of separation following backwash. For post-RO mixed bed polishing with a strict silica specification and/or the need to maximize silica removal capacity, AMBERLITE HPR550 Cl is an alternative to the OH-form.

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Used In:

  • Mixed bed condensate polishing in fossil power plants
  • Mixed bed polishing in industrial demineralization
  • Demineralization, ideally when treating water with high percentage of silica, when the treatment goal is removal of strong and weak acid and lowest silica leakage in a single bed industrial demineralization requiring high water purity


  •  Uniform particle size
  •  Premium performance resin with proven track record
  •  Exceptional bead integrity
  •  Rapid exchange kinetics
  •  Very high bead size uniformity
  •  Exceptional separation in mixed beds
  •  Distinguishable light color for easy visual separation fromtdark-colored cation in Mixed Beds
  •  Highest resin purity
  •  Industry stable resin


  • Asia Pacific
  • Europe
  • Latin America
  • North America