IntegraPac™ Ultrafiltration Skids and Modules

IntegraPac™ Skids are pre-engineered, standardized and ready-to-assemble skids that contain IntegraPac™ Modules. They are modular and scalable, making installation and start-up of ultrafiltration systems convenient and efficient. IntegraPac Skids can also help maximize productivity in a small footprint.

IntegraPac™ IPD-51 Module

IntegraPac™ IPD-51 Ultrafiltration Modules are used in IntegraPac IPD-51 Ultrafiltration Skids. With its direct module coupling resulting in a compact design, these modules are an excellent choice for systems requiring a small footprint. The shorter, 60-inch length of the IntegraPac IPD-51 Module is suitable for applications with constraints in headspace. IntegraPac IPD-51 Modules are made from high-strength, PVDF hollow fiber membranes engineered to reduce design and fabrication requirements. The fibers have a 0.03-µm pore size for removal of bacteria, viruses, and particulates. IntegraPac IPD-51 Modules have been tested and certified by NSF International under NSF/ANSI Standard 61 for safe use in drinking water applications.

Used In:

  • Municipal drinking water systems
  • Mobile water and containerized systems
  • *Regulatory requirements for drinking water may vary from region to region. Please check with your local authority regarding specific regulatory requirements and application status before use and sale.


  •  Excellent removal of colloids, particles, and bacteria
  •  High flux membrane
  •  High surface area for good packing density and small footprint
  •  Low chemical consumption
  •  High chemical-resistance PVDF that allows aggressive chemical use for treating challenging water when needed
  •  Temperature tolerant for more effective cleaning
  •  Mechanically strong fibers enabling long module life
  •  Robust design for long life


  • Asia Pacific
  • Europe
  • Latin America
  • North America